feedback on a new weathering technique


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I'm trying something new for weathering on a FvJ jacket...this is scrap burlap, and the color seems to run together in this pic (its more greenish in person) but I'm going for a moldy, dirty, grime look....this is my first try..
Am I going in the right direction? and I'm open to suggestions too! Thanks!
example.jpg example2.jpg


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Freddy vs Jason ....burlap jacket.
13226681_4.jpg IMG_1093.jpg
Sorry I wasn't please leave me feed back or suggestions..or both!
again, thank you!


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lol cool, its a great film. what your doing for weathering is working i use heavily watered down acrylic paint to help with weathering using a cheap mist hand sprayer


they are cheap and when your done add water spray till clear then add new colour, i use raw and burnt sienna normal brown and black add white to get a dusty grey. this is a good vid to watch from TESTED


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I do too...but i saw that pic and it looked so much more gritty and dirty and wanted to try the mold n crusty look that they got, but i didnt know how they did just guessing on
great video btw!
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