Favorite Graflex Model

Henry Jones

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I was recently doing some research on Anakin's Original Trilogy lightsaber that was given to Luke by Obi-Wan.
There are two different models of this lightsaber.
The ANH Lightsaber model has seven grips on its bottom half and the clasp is facing to the right (when looking head on.)

The ESB Lightsaber model has six grips on the bottom half, the clasp is facing leftfrom head on, and an extra red button is sticking from the front lens socket I think it is called.

So which is your favorite hilt?


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There are far more than two versions of this saber. ESB alone has at least two versions.

That said, I like the ANH Hero best.


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Oddly enough, my favorite has to be the ESB, the changes the prop department made seemed to make the lightsaber more mechanical-y, more grungy and believable. (The screws on the grips, computer chip in the clamp and such)

Although I can't forget how great the bubble strip and lens eye look on the flash handle.