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Whats your favorite airsoft based prop or what firearm would you like to see as an airsoft based platform?
I’ve got the Robocop Auto 9 heavy weight version which is pretty awesome. But the Han Solo and stormtrooper blasters are my fave and look awesome. All metal and heavy too, especially the stormtrooper blaster which weighs a ton.

I have the Off World blade runner blaster and Terminator Dark Fate Rhino 50DS handgun as well.

I wish they would come out with a Boba Fett blaster from ROTJ. Rebel blasters from ANH. Leia’s blaster from ANH would be nice As well. Oh the VIPER pilot handgun from the BSG remake too.

Oh I completely forgot to add that I also have the Aliens Pulse Rifle. That’s pretty cool too.
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Jyn Erso's A-180 is nice on the AW Custom P-08. As are the DLT-19s based on the Red Wolf Airsoft MG-34 iteration. (And non-airsoft Denix repros…)

For me, I suppose it’s any prop based on a real world item that is too rare or expensive to realistically make into a replica….where you also want a simulation of firing something.

There are a bunch of live fire DL-44s out there based on real Mausers, but I’m wondering how many actual Luger based A-180s there are. I know it’s not nearly as iconic as Han’s blaster, but still.

OTOH, It’s hard for some (me) to justify the $$$ to convert a real firearm into a static display. It’s also hard to find an actual firearm that is in poor enough condition to prevent use/collectibility but good enough to make into a prop. Yes, you can go the Blaster Factory or similar route and that’s fine too, but sometimes you just want a working trigger that fires something.

I’d love an airsoft version of Mando’s Bergman 1896 built to the same level of accuracy and construction quality as BF’s current offering.
I've always wanted a Timecop Beretta because David Hasselhoff used the same one as Nick Fury


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