Fastening EVA Foam armor plates


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Hi everyone, quick question, am building a quick costume for Xmas party coming up and doing a Roman Centurion, am doing shoulder armor that I am making out of EVA foam and want to fasten the pieces together in a way that is firm but still loose enough to easily move around in (I plan on have a few drinkies :p). Oh and I am in Australia so recommending Walmart and some Brand names isn't going to be much help.

Looking forward to any ideas :)


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I would use back pack clips and straps.
This is what I have done for a few pieces and it has worked great. Glue the straps under the armor with hot glue, I also glue an extra piece of foam over the straps aswell so they are sandwiched inbetween the foam.

And this is how I would do the shoulders this stop any shoulder armor from falling either off the back of the shoulder or off the front.

Hope some of this helps.


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If it's layered armor, like KNights I use shoe strings to tie them together, you can use leather(or pleather) "laces" to go with the rest of the look


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Hmmm not for what I asked........but it will definitely help with other pieces!!!! Thanks for that the pics really help me figure it out (I am a visual person not instruction person)


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Well I have assembled the first shoulder piece in 10 minutes using paper fasteners with washers on each side did the job nicely and allows for easy dissassembly or alteration, this is a quick and easy costume for a work Xmas Party not a con or anything. Still any suggestions are always welcome.

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