Farscape screen-used communicator badge?

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Gigi Edgley, the actor who played Chiana on Farscape, is actioning off an allegedly original comm badge used on the show. Any thoughts on how to authenticate whether it's a fan-made prop or the real thing?

Image from the auction site:

farscape comm badge Gigi Edgerly eBay s-l1600.jpg

She says in the description:

Hey Beautiful Friends,
THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR FRELLING MIND!!! At a convention a hard core Scaper gave me this awesome piece of Farscape history. It is one of the original Comms that we wore on the show. I have never seen one of these off the actual set so this is an ALL EXCLUSIVE FARSCAPE RARITY!!! Comms or communication devices are integrated systems connected and controlled by Leviathans such as Moya. This honestly will be an absolute prized possession for any true Farscape fan.
I am very happy to personalise it too of course. From my heart to yours.
Big Love, Aliens and Spaceships

Link to the auction

farscape comm badge Gigi Edgerly eBay s-l1600.jpg
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Looks real to me, and Ive studied screenshots of those for years. Most fan replicas dont get the shape right, and this one is right. Some were made with different mesh, but the one seen here was also used.
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Yeah, the mesh and the red seem legit. Wish there was a side-on picture. I may have to rearrange my bank account....
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