Farscape, Scorpy cooling rods.


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I found the glow stick like the ones they used for Scorpy's cooling rods, at a local $1. store. The had all the colors, including the red, and blue ones I need for these props. But, even at a $1. I didn't want to buy a million of them, and have to snap them every time I wanted to see the prop in action. So, I poked a hole in the bottom (the fat end) of 2 of the glow sticks, drained out the chemicals, put in some foreseen blacklight paint, and shock them up, to coat the wails of the glow sticks. When it was al dry, I filled the holes at the bottom with hot glue, cut off the lanyard hooks, and sanded them smooth. Now they glow under blacklights. :)

Unfortunately, the red one was a little too pink looking, but it turns out that, unlike the rest of the colors, the chemical in the red glow sticks is actually the color of the light. (red) And, the chemical glows red under a blacklight. All, I have to do now, is cut of the lanyard hook, sand it smooth, and there you have it. :)