Limited Run Farscape Pulse Rifle DONE / COMPLETED


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Due to the wonderful support and encouragement from RPF members, I'm finally ready to offer a few of these for sale. It was my intent to create the base rifle and offer parts to make some of the different variations that appear during the series.

These will be offered only in unfinished kit form. The main body will have some cleanup done and be primer coated and the remaining parts will be resin/PVC/acrylic/steel with flash cleanup only.

I have 0 rifle kits left I can ship with varying add-ons.

I have 0 base model Pulse Rifles left ready to ship.
I have 1 Scope 1 (plumbing pipe) add-ons ready to ship.
I have 0 Scope 2 (flashlight) add-ons ready to ship. The flashlight scopes DO NOT have electronics as in the build thread (if you can call a re-wired flashlight 'electronics').
I have 0 Shoulder straps left ready to ship.

I may repeat the run based on response to this one.

Pulse Rifle Base model kit is $150, and includes main body, 'D' shackle, and flash suppressor.

PR parts Base model.jpg

Pulse Rifle Scope 1 model kit is $175, and includes main body, 'D' shackle, flash suppressor, Scope 1, scope 1 front mount, and scope 1 rear mount.

PR parts Scope 1 model.jpg

Pulse Rifle Scope 2 model kit is $200, and includes main body, 'D' shackle, flash suppressor, Scope 2 body, Scope 2 head, reflector, lens, lens retainer, scope 2 front mount, scope 2 rear mount, and scope spacer.

PR parts Scope 2 model.jpg

The shoulder strap/sling is $10 and can be added to any of the kits.


An assembly manual will be included with each kit.


Shipping is extra. Please PM me and I will respond ASAP with the total including shipping.

The Peacekeeper pulse rifle was based on the Steyr AUG and resembles the AUG quite a bit, so I believe customs would seize this instantly. I will try my best to avoid problems, but I do not know everywhere I can and cannot ship. Please be aware of replica firearms restrictions in your area!

Payment by PayPal only.

1. osric - Paid / shipped / received
2. Harada357 - Paid / shipped / received
3. agirlcalledbob - Paid / shipped / received
4. darthclevage - Paid / shipped / received
5. Caveneau - Paid / shipped / received

1. staticweb23
2. aetherdeus
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Re: Farscape Pulse Rifle

Extremely interested in one of these with the Scope 2 kits. I'm in the UK and apologise for not PMing on the postage but I've not yet figured out how to get to the PMs on this taptalk app thing my phone wants to use for browsing the forums here.


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Re: Farscape Pulse Rifle

I'm interested in one of the Pulse Rifle Scope 2 model kit at $200, but have a con in 4 weeks and can't order in the budget before then. If the run is still open afterwards I'm in. Nice work and thank you for offering these to us Farscape Fans :)


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Re: Farscape Pulse Rifle

Woah, thanks so much for offering these! I'm...looking for some budget room for one, will post again if possible >_<


Re: Farscape Pulse Rifle

Gorgeous! Definitely put me down for a base model kit + shoulder strap. I'll send a PM separately.


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Was following the original build thread but the 1'st run slipped under my radar. I'd be interested in a full kit if you decide to do another run.


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Add me to the interested list....when/if you're ready for another run. I'll send a PM as well. This is my most abandoned hobby....when I miss out on things, I really miss out on them.


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Man iam down for a scope 2 kit and also followed the first production then work life picked up and totally forgot about it but iam glad I have found you again.


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Oh damn, cant believe I missed this, was following the build thread and then spaced out I guess. Would love one of these.


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Guys mine just came in and i have to say iam over the moon with it. If you are thinking about getting one go ahead and get one it is worth the money and adds to any farscape prop collection.:D:thumbsup


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Is there any chance you will be doing another run in the near future. my Scorpius and Jool cosplays desperately need at least the base model kit :) *Crosses fingers*