FarScape Pulse Pistol

Vincent V

I've got a few projects that I really should finish. But the weather (and procrastination) is preventing that... so instead I just started a new one.

I always kinda liked the pulse pistol in FarScape, so I made a model of it in SolidWorks. Once I get through a few of my other 3D printing projects, I'll get started on this one.

Iso Views.png
Render 01.png
Render 02.png

There are a few hollowed out sections for some LEDs, batteries, and maybe a sound board. I didn't find any information on the original prop, so most of the dimensions are just based on reference images and guess work.

Any advice/comments/criticism would be welcome.


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When they did the Peacekeeper Wars, they found out they didn't have a pulse pistol, the molds, or drawings. The only pulse pistol they knew of was Ben Browder's Winona, which he kept when the show was over. So they had to borrow Winona from Ben Browder to make new copies.


Vincent V

I printed the grip first as a test and it was just horribly uncomfortable. So I've adjusted some dimensions a little and reworked a lot of the smoothing.
Render 01.png

Looks good i have on to print that i got from Thingiverse,just need the time to do it
I considered the one on Thingiverse but after looking over the model in SolidWorks I just wasn't quite happy with it.

Vincent V

Divided it up into a couple of pieces. Unfortunately the main section unstuck from the platform after eight hours of printing, so now I've got to re-print entirely or print the last inch or so and try to hide the seam.

Anyway, I went ahead and stuck the pieces together with a little hot glue just to get some pictures. It's pretty comfortable to hold, and it's got a little weight to it.


Will you release this File?Or if you need a test print done let me know
I haven't really decided what I'll do with it yet. I may make a couple of them and sell them if there's some interest.