Farscape Laser Knife - Almost Done


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Pics first, back story second!

laser knife 1.jpg

laser knife 2.jpg

Pictured above is the first pull out of the mold. I've done a little bit of clean up around the seam, and puttied some tiny imperfections. This is ready for primer and paint. With the weather being what it is right now in SoCal, that might have to wait.

For the curious, I have some more pictures and will post some BTS pics on my instagram account @theprojectworkbench

The back story:

I started a Farscape rewatch recently and was SHOCKED to learn that the show is 20 years old!! I think for the most part, it really holds up well, save for some CGI that looks a little dated, but is still artistically beautiful, if not a little aged in execution. I love the show and its super fun to watch again. Either my memory is worse than I suspected, or there were a few episodes in season 3 I missed the first time around, which makes the rewatch that much more fun.

MANY, MANY years ago, our man Kylash offered a version of this pistol. Hand sculpted, using what little reference there was available. I think the state of the union was some concept art that was published in a book, and of course the screen grabs from the two episodes the piece appeared in. During my rewatch, this piece came back to mind.

I was very excited to learn that some absolutely perfect reference of a screen used piece was easily discoverable, along with some decently reliable measurements. I thought it was time to revisit this piece and create what I believed to be the "Final word" on this prop, so I could put it to bed once and for all.

I engaged the services of Corellia Creations, who has had a long running thread on the RPF advertising a variety of services and a steady stream of satisfied customers. They printed some stuff for me in the past, and I was thrilled with the quality of the prints, the price, and the service. So I engaged them to 3d model this piece. Version 1 got us 90% of the way there, and one round of notes from me and a few photoshop directions got the model to where I was very pleased with it. A short time later, I had the 3d print in hand. The print was super nice, needed just a little bit of clean up, and then it was into the rubber.

Today I finally pulled the mold open, and took a run at it. Came out beautifully, in my opinion.

As with many of my projects, this was a Smooth-On show from start to finish. I have historically been a huge fan of Sil-Pak silicone rubber, but they recently re-located and now it's just slightly too far out of driving range for me, so I did a little research and found a rubber with the same shore hardness as my sil-pak goto and made the switch. The casting is 65D, pigmented with UVO black. 65D is what I had on hand, and for this application I think it's perfect. I am a huge fan of the 300 series of resin, but I'm all out!

Thank you Kylash for providing the original inspiration for this fun little piece, and thank you to Corellia Creations for all of your amazing work and support on this project.

I hope to have pictures of a finished piece up soon.

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