Farscape drd RC car skin


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Hi all,
New to posting on here although i've put bits and bobs on the fb page so i thought i'd start with something i began a week ago today.
Every year near xmas i build something for the home collection when work get a little quiet, THis year i recently got my hands on an old Tamiya kit and as me and the mrs are big farscape fans a drd was the only way to go !
I've not got a huge budget and only spare time to spend and as i only want an outer skin i thought i'd try pepakura as a technique, with a bit of an ask i was lucky enough to find someone who had a 3d file and willing to help me with the art of unfolding ! after the pc work it was printed,cut and glued together and today i started the resin/filler stages.
Any positve tips on future posts or on topic welcome.

2014-11-26 19.06.33.jpg2014-11-27 19.42.05.jpg2014-11-29 18.12.45.jpg2014-11-29 18.37.13.jpg2014-12-01 12.12.20.jpg2014-12-01 12.12.28.jpg


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Taken a while with other projects and slow curing times due to the weather,
But it's now had a few coats of resin and fibreglass, Quick pass with grey and now onto filling and sanding

2014-12-09 16.10.58.jpg 2014-12-09 16.10.38.jpg