FAO Schwarz STAR WARS life size figures???

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I was very facinated by the Don Post / Rubies life size Star Wars collection they had back in 2002 at the FAO Schwarz store Orlando.

I´ve just read that this store is now closed, so I wondered what happend to the figures?
Where they sold or given to other stores?

Thanks very much!
My friends and I went in together and bought the huge x-wing when the liquidators put it on eBay. My friend John then had to fly out there to arrange shipping for it back to Texas.

While he was there he bid on and won the Darth Maul and Amidala... I am not sure who got the Vader, but I know that it was in pretty bad shape. Most of the details had been ripped off over the years.

Hope that helps.

Oh I loved that Store!
I was there round about 1999 and the years after when they had
Don Post 3po, Vader. Amidala, the X-wing and the front of the AT-AT.
I was totaly blowen away.
Also there was that biiiiig huge Comicstore on international drive.
I was there 3 or 4 times.

When I came back 2 years ago to visit the stores, I had to reconice that
they where gone.
That was very depressing :(

I still have some nice photos of the store and its statues.

rip FAO Schwarz Orlando
yes that shop had it´s own atmosphere, even with some music (I think all the FAO´s have it?)which was played all the time. Very sad that it´s gone now.

There is also a reversed house somewhere near there- isn´t it? I think it´s a magic store or something like that- it´s still there today.
I've got some shots of the old FAO-S from South Coast Plaza, in California.

They had the Vader, the Rancor - maybe a couple other items...
Here we go :D

Have fun!!!
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