Fantasy castingh actor switcheroo!


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I'm sure this is a concept that will be a reality at some point. Probably even an App!!!

Like me, I'm sure you've all seen movies that you enjoyed but couldn't love completely due to one persons performance.

But just suppose you could digitally remove an actor from a film and insert someone else. Someone better.

Which films were ruined for you and by whom? And who would you paste in?

Here's mine:

'Domino' switch Keira Knightly for Emily Blunt

'Fifth Element' switch Tricky with Yaphet Koto (still alive then).
The only thing that bugged me about Tricky in 5th Element was that every now and then it sounded like he had smoked 3 packs of cigarettes in as many minutes before they rolled camera. You could actually hear his throat disintegrating.
Spiderman - remove Toby and insert John Cusack from 1989
Green Lantern - remove Reynolds and insert Dennis Quaid around the time he did Innerspace.
Star Wars - remove Alec Guiness and insert Toshiro Mifune
Re: Fantasy casting actor switcheroo!

The Phantom Menace - Replace Jake Lloyd with Kodi Smit-McPhee. (Also, replace George Lucas with Lawrence Kasdan--can I do that?)

Buckaroo Banzai - (This one hurts) Replace Peter Weller with...I don't know who, but there's gotta be some actor out there who's actually half Japanese.

Gran Torino - Replace Bee Vang with anybody.
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