Fantastic short star wars story


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Fantastic. I caught that title image on facebook but did not do enough research to find out there´s a short story behind it. The image itself told a great story and I instantly knew what it was about.

On it's own, it's nice. But I'm sorry, he did not go out calm and collected.

On it´s own it is nice. But since it indeed does perfectly fit in with ROTJ it is awesome. The comic panels mirror the events perfectly The "calm and collected"-panel happens right before impact which is shown in ROTJ from inside the SISD´s bridge. [video][/video]


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This is awesome, but I have to agree its hard to believe he went from screaming like he was to that calm, I know I wouldn't. Either way, it ties in perfectly, it's really well drawn and a great narrative.


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Extremely well done but I agree that he was just damaged and went in screaming. I never got the impression it was any kind of controlled, noble sacrifice on his part. And Ackbar was just relieved that the SSD was taken down, not sad that he had lost a friend like the strip implies. lol!


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Very cool

although, not to nitpick, but this A-wing seems a bit out of scale :p

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