FANEXPO 2012 Toronto. are you going?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Grave, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Grave

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    Hey all, Im finally going to be able to attend Fanexpo this year and Im hoping that the Gundam will be finished for it.

    So, are you going? and what are you bringing?
  2. Djymm

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    I will definitely be going (been meaning to check out some of the local conventions for a while). Not sure what I'll be bringing yet, depends on what gets done before hand.
  3. TMBountyHunter

    TMBountyHunter Active Member

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    Are you coming to AnimeNORTH? It's May 25-27 so much closer as a deadline but might be a more appropriate event to debut the Alex since the anime section of Fan Expo has been getting smaller and smaller every year.

    I might go to FanExpo depending on whether I finish my costume or not and if I have the spare cash for pass that gets weirdly more expensive every year.
  4. Grave

    Grave Well-Known Member

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    wasnt interested in that one. too many fat sailor moons
  5. aelynn000

    aelynn000 Well-Known Member

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    Grave, that's mean!!! :O

    In all honesty though, Anime North is VERY cosplay focused and being as such, there are a lot of people who go buy costumes on ebay and wear whatever. But it's all relative to the amount of cosplayers, I guess.

    I'll be going to Anime North since costumes are pretty much the only reason I go to conventions. I love seeing them, taking photos and basically being surrounded by people with the same enthusiasm as I have for it.

    For AN I'll be going as Erza from Fairy Tail... my first armor build. :|


    Back on topic though, I'll also be going to Fan Expo! Though, yeah, last year the anime portion was very small and I felt even the costuming was minimal in comparison to the crowds...but we have too few conventions around here so I'll be going anyways. Undecided on which costume for it... maybe Rapunzel... maybe Belle from Once Upon a Time...maybe Erza depending on how the armor turns out and holds up.

    Also going to the March Comicon this weekend! Recycling Yoruichi from Bleach for that one since I haven't finished anything new since then. :|
  6. Dart

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    Won't be going to the big FanExpo in August (goin' to Celebration 6) but I'll be there this weekend for sure.

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