Fan Costume Support for the 2015 SDCC


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Hi folks,

Gentle Giant Studios​ (GGS) and Kotobukiya​ would love to have some fan costumers at their booths during the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International​.

GGS is looking for
  • G.I Joe
  • and Marvel related outfits.

Kotobukiya would like outfits related to
  • Marvel,
  • DC
  • and Street fighter.

Should this be of interest to you, please write to me at by Monday, June 29, and please include the following in your message.

  • Picture(s) of your outfit(s)
  • Please specify days and times you would like to appear in your outfit


Should you be accepted by Kotobukiya, they will supposedly provide one item ($50+ value) for stopping by. They are asking for one hour minimum time spent at their booth, but volunteers are welcome to stay past the hour.

These companies will look over applications and they will make the final decision on who they want to include.

Should you be accepted, you will need to have your own pass for the convention.

As a reminder, you are expected to conduct yourselves in a professional manner. Should you encounter any challenges, please speak to someone directly at the respective company or contact me. Please do not post such concerns on social media. Thanks.
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As reminder, please get back to me by next Monday, June 29, should you wish to submit your name for any of these 2015 SDCC exhibitor appearances.
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