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Anyone esle can't get enough of this show?
Anyway - I saw an episode late last night that I had not seen before and unfortunately missed the title. In the episode, Brian eats shrooms and we get to see a brilliant series of 'tripping' scenes.
Anyone know what episode this is?
Peter also sings along to the Last Crusade John Williams score which I found very funny as Im a score buff.
Aw, man! I love that show! The episode that you are referring to is called Seahorse Seashell Party, and its the second episode in the season. You can currently buy the first two episodes on iTunes.
yeh I absolutely love family guy. Especially the really good in-jokes that anyone under the age of 20 would completely miss :D
I *just* saw that one on our 'On Demand', about two days ago! I think it's called 'Seahorse Sea Shell Party'; it's when Hurricane Flozell hits Quahog.

Also, G.I. Jose makes an appearance. :)
Seth McFarlane apparently is an encyclopedia of useless pop culture info so he tends to do a lot of stuff our age group (he's late 30s) would get more than anyone. Some episodes are hit and miss which is to be expected. i think i dvr'd the one with brian on acid. I love the stewie/brian Road movie tributes. Anyone see the Road to Santa episode where Seth McFarlane's dad makes an appearance as the host?
It was just months after his mom died, it was mentioned on the hour long who done it episode.
Turns out in the Stewie the untold story the one hippy in San Fran really does look like his dad (which they mention in the commentary) which i thought they were kidding about.
I love the show and I think that episode is the 2nd time the show has done something with G.I. Jose but the clip from last night cracked me up. Brian tripping on shrooms was pretty funny too at the first part where he starts to lose it. My favorite Family Guy episode though has to be the one where Stewie and Brian are going through alternate realities.
Personally, I felt the shroom sequence was the funny part of the episode. The end fizzled as do a lot of Family Guy episodes these days. I still watch it and it find some laughs, but I prefer American Dad. They seem to keep a consistent level of humor and the stories have point. But every now and then they still manage to give a good and consistent episode.
I've had Family Guy so beat into my brain by Adult Swim that hardly a day goes by that I don't reference or use a joke from Family Guy. Love that show!
Seth has been given flack every now and again for the excessive use of 80s pop culture references. I get it because I'm in that age group, but there are also a lot of references I don't get. You REALLY have to be on top of your pop culture - current and past - to get the jokes in the show.
Yeah I love the little 80's pop culture and sci - fi jokes.. Missus is 10 years younger than me, she's 24, and if it wasn't for me, she wouldn't understand a lot of them.. But since we've been together she's sat down and watched a heap of 80's and 90's movies / shows..

She laughed pretty hard when they did the Quantum Leap ending, as she had just watched a few episodes a few hours before..
I don't mind the pop culture stuff as it stops it from being hip with kids these days lol. *high five's Beechy* My fiance is gonna be 25 so i doubt she gets half of them either unless her folks raised her on 80s stuff lol. Seth gets a lot of flack about everything on the show sadly.
I love this show! :D
My favorites are the "Road to..." episodes :D
Oh, and ofc the Star Wars "remakes" :p

My fav character (except Stewie) is Adam West, so hillarious xD
I like it a lot but It can be very hit & miss. I loved the bank vault episode, but not the nappy part. It wasn't clever, funny or anything other than huh? They can do better.
I've noticed since that one girl Cherry whatever her name is became a writer it hasn't been that good. Her part of the last starwars one was the weakest. Sadly the Cleveland show is a dud from the get go. They never did really explain why Quagmire hates Brian even before Brian ruined things with that super model for Quagmire. It's like they just randomly decided they were going to hate each other.
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