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Ok, so this is my first post since joining the forum a couple of weeks ago. We are working on Avengers themes costumes for halloween. I am doing a female Cap using the stealth suit as my inspiration. Right now I am working on the helmet, starting with pepakura, and working from there. Not having done anything like this before, its been a bit of trial and error. First helmet was way to small, second would fit on my head, but was very tight, third was too large, and after a final adjustment on sizing, I got it just right on the fourth attempt.
pephelm.jpg helms.jpg

My youngest daughter, who is nine, wanted to be a little captain america, so I sketched out her costume, which I should be able to use one of the small cap helmets for her. She will be Captain America, The Littlest Avenger, or The Cutest Avenger:


Meanwhile, my wife is working on a female version of the Winter Soldier, and one of our daughters has chosen Scarlet Witch as her character, Our oldest was going to be Iron Woman, but seems to now have backed out of the family theme. I will be posting more as our builds progress.


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OK, I've been working hard on the shields. My daughters shield is pretty much done. I used a pizza pan for hers, and cut the star out of aluminum. I used a couple of old belts I picked up at a second hand store, and attached them to the back of the shield using super glue. So far I'm pretty happy with the results of my first build.

Little Cap Shield.jpg
Arm Straps.jpg shields no paint.jpg spun shield.jpg
gloss shield.jpg


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How cool is THAT ! The whole family dressed up in Marvel cool.I wish you the best of luck to build everything and naturally I will be following this thread.
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OK, it's been a while, but our builds are still progressing. As out first real builds, some things have been changed and some things simplified. We are nearly done with the iron man suit, which we are making out of foam using Darkside501st's files. Here is the first test fitting, and we were beyond ecstatic that the scaling was right. More to come as we work feverishly the next several weeks.
. IMG_1276.JPG IMG_1277.JPG IMG_1278.JPG IMG_1279.JPG IMG_1280.JPG


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Made some progress on my youngest daughters captain america helmet. I had tried paper and foam, and while scaling was mostly right, there were things like the eyes and ears that just were not working for her. So I tried one more time, waiting until fitting to cut the ear holes, and I did the mask around the eyes out of thin craft foam, this let me really fit it to her face. Here is the result: bcaphelm1.jpg bcaphelm2.jpg bcaphelm3.jpg bcaphelm4.jpg
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