False "new topic" notifications.


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The new topic icons on the main page remain illuminated if I go to that page and use the 'mark all unread topics as read' link. If I go to that page again and see that there are indeed no new topics, then return to the main page, it is darkened as it should be.

Not a big deal, but I thought I'd report it.

I've also tried using the 'mark all unread topics as read' link and doing shift/ctrl-reload to load from the site instead of from cache, just in case, but the problem persisted.


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Not I. Yvaine, a friend of mine, was going to do it. Unfortunately, for some reason or the other, she decided not to and then took a long time in getting back to anyone, myself and her ex-boyfriend included. She still has a vest of mine that I had sent for measurements.

If you know anyone that is still being short-changed by her, let me know and I'll see if there's any way to get ahold of her again... but I haven't talked to her or anyone related for her for a year or so, if not more...

It's a bitter memory of a bad decision, and I'm still sorry that it went sour.


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This problem is persisting... though differently. The "Mark all new topics as read" link is working properly now, though if I actually go and read topics, the forum icon on the main page still shows that I have unread topics until I go back to the forum and see that there are actually no unread topics.
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