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Want to Buy Fallout T45d Power armor.

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by TypicalZeal, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. TypicalZeal

    TypicalZeal New Member

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    In light of the new Fallout 4 trailer, something stirred up within me and I really wanted a suit of t45d power armor.
    Awhile back, on Mando Mercs, I crafted some Mandalorian armor. It was a lot of fun, but pretty time consuming.
    I don't have that kind of time anymore, nor do I personally believe I've got the skills to make a suit of t45d power armor, but I do have the money!

    That in mind, I'm looking to actually commission the entire t45d get-up. More specifically I'm looking for someone who's capable of making a suit akin to that of the armor depicted in the Fallout 4 trailer. For the most part, the changes are minor, and I'd be 100% happy with the regular t45d suit; considering there is more reference material at least.

    I don't know how things are done around here, be they good faith transactions, or whether or not I'm to make down deposits.. But I'm willing to make a $400-600 dollar down deposit if that's the case; or just make a good faith transaction paying full to any reputable artist!

    Please contact me for details in regards to this!

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