Fallout T-51 Power Armor Costume Build Log


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Hello one, and all!

I am the Crusader and I am preparing to embark on my first costume that I've ever made! A little bit of context, I've been making custom computer cases for 5~ish years now and really want to try my hand at costume design, especially after seeing all the possibilities for costumes and materials used. I've chosen a particularly difficult costume to build because I love the challenge it presents. The T-51 has always been a piece of sheer awesomeness from the series and with the new Fallout 76 game releasing in a few months from writing, I wanted to design a suit around the Pip Boy and Power Armor Helmet that I purchased from Bethesda! :)

This thread is intended to be a build log that will be updated as a do things (i'm not good at updating my computer builds so ill try better with this). I am currently looking into the materials and wondered if anyone has any good reference material or has made one of these suits before. I am planning to use foam tiles for the suit and add small stilts for the legs (yes, with the armor opening outwards). Electronics are my forte so i shouldn't have too much of an issue, but I would like to talk about or also possibly start a thread about the electronics for the pip boy itself (as the one Bethesda and ThinkGeek are selling doesn't have a functioning screen...this will not do for me). I will worry about paint and such when I get there.

Tested (the lovely Adam and Norm bunch) made some great videos regarding the Pip Boy and Helmet which can be found in those hyperlinks. They truly are works of art!

This will be a very long project for me as I have NEVER embarked on such a quest before (let alone posted in a forum about it :p ), but I am excited for the project and hope it to be fully operational as soon as possible (I estimate 6 months to 1 year). I hope to sometime wear it to a con of some sort (never been to one but I want to) so i'm striving for perfection. If anyone has any help to offer or suggestions to make, I will happily appreciate it. :D


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Welcome, and I look forward to what you come up with.

Except that so far none of the Power Armor models have included the Pip-Boy. It actually bothers me that the Pip-Boy wouldn't even fit behind the arm cuffs, so the Pip-Bot must be stowed somewhere else. (All but confirmed on the figurine Bethesda released a few years ago)

Search here on the RPF forums. There are many T-51 and other power armor builds with all sorts of tips. (Just read them all like a textbook)


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Thank you for the tip! I hadn't even thought about that...If i want to be getting into and out of the power armor fluidly, I'll need to make it fit. I will also check out how others may have solved this issue, if such an issue has been tackled XD. I guess i will be studying the RPF for various tips :)