Fallout: T-45d Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor


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I met a lot of people this year at DragonCon 2011 that wanted to know if I was on the RPF and if I would post some pics on the Armor we debuted at the show so here goes.



I'll upload more a little later

RazorFly Studios

Star Wars-
Republic Commando - Scorch - Generic White
Incinerator Trooper


Brotherhood of Steel Paladin

Back to the Future DeLorean Conversion
Restoring and Converting a 1983 vin # 20075
Coming Soon!


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Hey! Glad to see you here. We met you at D*C and obtained one of your cards. Very nice work!

Wes R

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very awesome. I'm working on a T51b helmet right now. I'm not sure I'm up to a project like making the entire suit though.


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It's actually very easy to wear, same mobility as stormtrooper armor! Although the smaller the width of your chest the harder it is to grab things...:)


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This is really outstanding. I didn't even know it was possible to make this stuff, but you did so with flying colors. A real feat.

There's a few photos up there that literally look like game screenshots. This is incredibly accurate.

I definitely hope to see this in person some day.


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To answer a few questions in this thread:

Yes it is Felicia Day and she Voiced the BoS Scribe Veronica in New Vegas!
I'm going to get her and Will Wheaton Helmets, as they both loved the armor(In fact Will stopped me in the hallway and ASKED to sign my helmet) and both did voices in FO:NV Wll is the RoboBrains.

I won't be selling these on the RPF quite yet as per my new user status (have to reach 20 posts).

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