Fallout, Stimpak built from real parts


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Pyrotech I think the oilers may be a good idea. However there is a bit of a "+" shape inside that sort of looks like a jean rivet to me, but I never found any with a "+" shape inside, so I went for the hex screw. I have also 3D modeled a version I can 3D print that is perfectly accurate, but wouldn't be metal.

I am also still working on the internal guts, and recently came across a video on how dial indicators work and am going to re-design some of the guts to make it a bit simpler than the series of gears I have now.


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I watched that video as soon as it game out. While Adam did a great job of piecing everything together in one day. But the clear step in the tubing really doesn't sell it as real for me. I also want the gauge to be activated by the pushing of the needle.

He also didn't end up with any fake liquid (which is hard). I have thought of a few way to have the liquid appear to disappear, but all of them involve a plunger or pump which there just isn't room for. Mine will at least have real liquid trapped in the chamber.

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