Fallout Props and Pipboy 3000 for Costume/Cosplay


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I just signed up, hoping to get som advice and inspiration from all of the incredible prop makers on here regarding some stuff I'm doing myself! I've already had a look at most of the Fallout builds I could find on here, but I find myself stuck in certain aspects still. I'll use this thread to post my own updates as I go, and also hopefully to get some advice from anyone kind enough to give them to me.

The costume needs to be ready by the end of June so I'm not in too much of a hurry just yet, but time tends to fly so I really want to get it finished as soon as I can. This would also allow me to work on some of my other projects, some of which I am very excited about.

In advance thanks for any and all help!

Fallout Props: (imgur links)

Nuka Cola, Quantum, Mentats & Fixer
I'm pretty happy how these bag-stuffers for my costume turned out, though they are basic. Nuka Colas are just what they look like; relabled Coke bottles, one of which I emptied out and poured scary-looking energy drink into instead. Considered integrated lights for the Quantum but decided to save some time on this fairly simple prop and just make an LED base for it if there is time after everything else is done.

The Mentats and Fixer are some really neat tins I got on eBay and printed some labels for. I considered aging them some more, but apart from the perhaps slightly too white edges I think they look about as beat up as they do in the games; I keep having to remind myself I'm going for in-game accuracy, not something that has actually been lying around in a wasteland for decades!

Next is to get a hold of some bottle caps for currency, and find a nice paper card deck I can age and play caravan with! I'm making all of these props because I am obsessed with the idea that I'll meet a fellow fallout cosplayer and we'll do some trading...

Nuka Cola

Pipboy 3000
Not much progress on this just yet; it's actually my main reason for signing up and having a look around this wonderful place. I was lucky enough to get to make a mould of a pre-moulded pipboy a friend of mine bought a while back. My casting skills are not great but it came out reasonably well, although the walls are pretty thick and a lot of material needs to go to install all the electronics I want.

My main concern is the screen; I'm not looking for a fully working one, but I did want an LED lit plastic screen in front of the paper screen print to give it a bit of shine. Does anyone know of any suitable items? Alternatively, if you were to make one yourself, how would you go about it? I am able to solder fairly well so that would not be a limiting factor for me, but I have never made a component such as this before.

I've already gotten hold of a reasonably compact speaker that I plan on integrating along with a volume knob and a jack I can hook my phone up to and play everyones favorite post-apocalyptic radio on. LED button lights are also ready to go in, but I dont want to start putting all of that stuff in before I know what to do about the screen.

Vault 101 Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit is at an even earlier stage than the pipboy 3000. Admitedly I cheated on this one, my sowing skills are not up to this level! I got it from Bethesdas own webstore when they were being sold there, and haven't actually done any work on it myself. I have never needed to age clothing before, so before I start experimenting I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has any good tips and tricks for aging clothing? If relevant to your method; it is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

I just put in an order for some faux leather that I will make the required belts and straps from. The plan is to sow it onto some military-style belts and straps I already bought for this purpose. The Fallout 3/NV armored jumpsuit has a shoulder pad too, but I am not a fan of those and will not be including one in my costume.

Haven't been able to decide on this yet! Initially I wanted to do a Plasma rifle because of the cool glowy bits and even started drawing up plans for one, but then a laser rifle/pistol or a rebar club started tempting me and now I cannot make my mind up. Lately the rebar club is becoming increasingly tempting though, so I may just go for that one. Expect this part of the post to change once I work this out...

So thats what I have so far! I cannot tell you how much any help, hints and tricks is apreciated. The convention this costume is ment for is a bit strict on what you get to bring inside, so unfortunately the chems that look like syringes or -in the case of some fallout chems- bombs cannot be in my bag. Any suggestions on what to put there beyond what I already have? So sorry for any bad English; it is not my native language.
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