Interest Fallout - Pip Boy 3000 kit


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Printed one of these up for a client, gauging to see if there is any interest here. This is a 15 piece kit to build a Pip Boy 3000 which will house a normal sized cell phone. I will not be offering finished pieces, but these are EXTREMELY easy to assemble and each kit will include instructions. Additional finishing will be necessary (painting, weathering, sanding) I will be offering 3 versions of kits:

1 - Basic kit ($90) - 3D printed pieces only. Will require additional purchase of screws, magnets, velcro and glue.
2 - Deluxe kit ($115) - 3D printed pieces and required hardware to build complete Pip. Will require glue.
3 - Wasteland kit ($140) - 3D printed pieces, required hardware and 3 LED strip for bottom of screen. Will require glue.

The image on my arm below is to show scale and is not a representation of a finished kit. The phone inside is an LG L70.

20150730_213313.jpg 20150730_171303.jpg FRBURN5HIGF94AF.LARGE.jpg
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