Fallout New Vegas Gun Runners Arsenal 5.56 pistol (That Gun)


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I bought a toy that reminded me of That Gun and the Blade Runner Blaster. I modified the toy gun a few months ago using bondo, PVC piping, Plexiglas and parts from the gun to look like the 5.56 pistol from Fallout New Vegas. I got a few of these toy guns and i want to convert one into a Blade runner Blaster. I'm just not sure how I'm going to make a receiver bolt and lever.
11058673_10203379429437539_35672482193845494_n.jpg 11174829_10203670327869818_8799020862684501479_n.jpg 11392864_10203913957840415_8044117376507396843_n.jpg 11426226_10203913957400404_4669524577694323298_n.jpg 11535738_10203971870808203_4068090401709789004_n.jpg 1606980_10203977417986879_3309150470548550254_n.jpg 10298778_10203977418306887_5489326082422573401_n.jpg 10336785_10203977416186834_6063031463919771220_n.jpg 10563134_10203977415386814_6519407071825345909_n.jpg 10897084_10203977417226860_8709615216497498312_n.jpg 11427161_10203977416826850_4820793752391830126_n.jpg 11427867_10203977417466866_7193600299500755269_n.jpg 11535816_10203977415186809_1855134350811775924_n.jpg 11541020_10203977416386839_1585568361336098789_n.jpg 11214363_10203977415946828_4836424746786230910_n.jpg
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