Fallout: New Vegas Caravan Cards


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So, has anyone ever made a collection of Fallout: New Vegas Caravan cards? Caravan is a card game played by the dwellers in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Mojave Desert. Since it's unlikely you'll find a full deck of cards anywhere, the game can be played with any number (minimum 30) cards from any playing card deck that you can find. In the game, you can eventually acquire quite a few cards, and they have beautiful art on the reverse (the cards from the Gomorrah casino have particularly nicely done obverses as well).

For reasons that escape me, when Bethesda made the "Special Edition" of the game, they included a Caravan deck prop, but they made it completely different from what you see in the game. The backs of several cards are completely different from what you see in the game. I've always thought it would be cool to own a deck for playing the game in Real Life, and could always make a deck the same way the Mojave dwellers do (by piecing it together from various playing card decks), but it occurred to me someone on the forums might very well have made their own set.


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Floating around the web you can find quite a few grabs of the texture sets of each card deck in the game. I imagine you could crop each one to size, and send them to some card company to get them made. However, the cards won't have that roughed up look to them (Especially not the Gomorrah deck as those you would probably want to try and make through home methods to get the right feel) but I can imagine you could do some light weathering to them. Were you looking for a deck as if it was brand new from the casino or as they are seen in game?


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This I what I'm finding so far. Each card is an Ace of Clubs, only the art on the backs are different. I'll see what else I can find in the game files.

Screenshot (403).png

Screenshot (404).png

Screenshot (405).png

Screenshot (406).png

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I have the collectors edition of he game, and it came with the cards, I could see about getting them scanned for some high quality backs