Fallout Mini-Nukes available for pre-order

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by BlackMarketMagi, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. BlackMarketMagi

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    So Bethesda announced today a Fallout game anthology all packaged in a Mini-Nuke replica. Looks to be made of metal. They said on their Facebook page limited quantities and they already sold out on Bethesdas site but you can still get them at Best Buy, if you hurry. I included the pic but you can take a look at it here also..


    Update: they are back up on Bethesdas site for now

    Update 2: and they are sold out again at Bethesda.

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  2. BlackMarketMagi

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    Found another picture where the mini nuke looks different, more weathering on the screws and paint. image.jpg
  3. GhostMinion

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    They are still available at Game Stop.
  4. harrisonp

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    I'm in no position to do so, but I've always been curious about the ethics of people casting limited edition props like this and the pipboy. My first guess would be that it's a no go, but I thought it might be worth asking.
  5. Dao2

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    tbh these generally aren't limited and poorly made/done :<
  6. Elusiveg

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    I've been working on making my own Mini-nuke the last week or two. I laughed when this was announced specially since the original picture looked like it only had 3 fins rather then 4 attaching the stabilizer.
  7. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    Here's another pic, there are four fins.
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  8. Postapocalympic

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    That older picture is just a Photoshop mockup using someones home made prop.
  9. BlackMarketMagi

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    Yeah they say "limited quantities", but for the pipboy for Fallout 3 that was 100,000. Granted the game sold over a million copies so it is less than 10 percent. That is supposedly about the same amount they are making for the new pipboy for Fallout 4. With this since there isn't another retail version with out the nuke and all the games people already own, they may just make this 100k and that's it. It's really a cash grab since they know fans want the nuke.

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