Fallout Legion Decanus Helmet + Legion Recruit/Decanus Armor


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I've committed many sins in my life but none like this: I'm currently favoring my Legion Fallout projects far above my others. It's pretty bad as I still have my half finished t-45d sitting in my closet, and my MK Original Vests in need of sewing.

That being said, I'm having a real kick out of this project. I've always felt like the Legion Decanus armor was my favorite next to the Centurion, especially the cool Leather Baseball/Cap Helmet with the facemask and goggles: real edgy. Anyway, we have our next Radiation Canyon coming up and since I'm also working on Legion Recruit armor I decided to also build a Decanus helmet for one of my minions to wear.

The feathers are now nearly half done, and sticking nicely. I'd also like to note that it was my intention to make this look like an old baseball helmet that had been hastily covered in leather scraps, and give it a nice wasteland feel. After this, I'll scuff up the helmet,, glue on the facemask, and give it some desert weathering via spraypaint.


Middle is a comparison net to my Centurion Chest piece


This should only take another day or so, then I'll be getting these ready for our trailer/promo for our Fallout event here in April.

Cheery as ever,
Blackjack Murphy


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It's a real foul that this has been viewed 300+ times since Feb and no one has commented. It looks great, is there an update on it?
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