Fallout holotape kit - anyone have one yet?

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I was skipping these. Our own zapwizard seems to have taken more care in determining size and proportions with his replicas than Bethesda's licensees. So I'm going with his. I already know from pics he's posted they match his Pip Boy 3000 mk IV project, ThinkGeek's bluetooth Pip Boy, and the Wand Company's Pip Boy 2000 mk VI better than the holotapes supplied with the latter two. But I'm always interested to see what people can do with what's out there.


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That is the holotape included with the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI (Fallout 76). It is not game accurate. It is squished to fit the pocket in their Pip-Boy design. At $10 is is quite cheap at least. The little cover door is quite loose, and should be white in color. You can see a comparison in my unboxing video here.

The proportions of the Wand Company design can't be changed, but it probably could be improved with some paint and the addition of another screw. Adding something to the inside before assembly would probably help it to feel more solid too.

My holotape is 100% game accurate, and with the addition of a few parts can even be made to glow. The project run page is here.
At $46 for just the 3D printed parts, mine isn't cheap, but the end result feels much more solid.
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Ah ok, thanks. I will be looking for a good Pipboy eventually, but not yet. I thought at $10 my nephew could even put that one together! The model kit/good with your hands stuff skipped him somehow and he got the music genes. If he found out it wasn't completely accurate I would never hear the end of it though!