Fallout 4 "The Last Minute"


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Hello everyone! Some of you may have seen our progress on the Facebook page, but we decided it was time to make our first thread here. Being hardcore Fallout fans we decided it would be a good place to start for our first replica build.

We have about a month and a half worth of work into it so far and we're hoping to be painting by this months end. Everything on it is hand tooled, no 3D printed parts.

(Reference photo for those that don't know what the gun looks like)

The stock and pistol grips were made from oak:

First coat of primer:

The top panel of the night vision optic is magnetized to allow access to the battery for the LEDs.

We molded the capacitor with Smooth-On Mold Max 30 and roto cast them:

This is our progress as of last night. All the little details, screws, etc added. All that is left is to fill, sand and prime everything.

Every sub assembly that will be painted separate:

All the parts test fit together (minus the capacitor support bars).

We're planning on using some Sculpt Nouveau paint/patina products on it to simulate that beautiful post-apocalyptic rust and grime.

Thanks for looking!


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I was waiting for one of the gauss guns to show up. Impressive work.
I sort look at some of the guns in Fallout 4 and think the guy who modeled them deliberately made them insane in order to see if someone could replicate it.

Are you planning on putting in the Nixie tube charge readout?


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Thanks guys!
@zapwizard, We have a clear acrylic plate with the 00 on it with two LEDs behind them to light them up. They will have clear acrylic lenses over them once it is all painted, but they are currently all masked off.

The gun is pretty crazy design wise (and length), and to think the silencer would add two more lengths onto what the compensator already has :eek.

Edit: GhostMinion, This one will be going to sale after it is finished, but we have considered doing another one for casting, since we'd adjust a few things to make it more cast-able.
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Sluis Van Shipyards

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That is awesome!

Hey I'm going to do the laser rifle and I noticed you used a different type of wood for the stock. I'm assuming that MDF might be too fragile for a gun stock. Is that why you didn't use MDF or am I wrong?


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@ Sluis Van Shipyards The rust was achieved with Sculpt Nouveau's "Iron B" coating and Traditional green patina. After that was sealed in with a varnish, it was oil washed and some areas were dry brushed with brighter silver acrylics. Hope that helps!

Update time! We've finished painting and assembling everything and couldn't help taking some photo before it's officially "finished".




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