Fallout 4 T-60b power armour helmet.


So I've been working on a 3d print of the new T-60b power armour helmet from Fallout 4. This was commissioned from Renraku props just before the Renders were leaked so there are a few details i need to add. The plan is to cast this down the line.

19892041361_29022f9f02_b.jpg 19698998758_f70d6f42f4_b.jpg 19698987058_0743383dcc_b.jpg
19266053213_c4ccf84f2a_b.jpg 19891983551_9e6f4aab55_b.jpg 19860724636_5b15b6b080_b.jpg 19891896931_e631ec448e_b.jpg 19265943633_784b76a588_b.jpg 19698837740_bb20a0e45f_b.jpg 19698825170_1f1ce8d122_b.jpg 19860591186_52377ba687_b.jpg 19265871123_2d8c2f2235_b.jpg 19570020404_2a3836515e_b.jpg 20198323481_95f03cb8da_b.jpg 19571646403_35eb6e1442_b.jpg

Stay tuned :)


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Nice work, looking pretty darn accurate from what I can see. My only thinking is that it looks a tad too big. But that can easily be compensated for with well-padded armor, especially considering the bulkiness of the T-60. For mine I had to remove the 1cm 'lip' that goes around the headhole, I couldn't put the helmet on otherwise, however the scaling couldn't be any more perfect.

I have to say though, there's nothing more depressing than sanding something like nuts for a week just to see someone's 3d printed the same thing, in a fraction of the time, that looks 100x better.


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I keep hoping the files for the FO4 armor are going to end up online so I can throw them at my own printer... mostly because I don't want to sit there and try and model this out, myself. Damn if that doesn't look good, though. It looks like it has been sectioned out really intelligently as far as supports go - well done.
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