Fallout 3: Top 5 side quests (in my opinion)


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So recently I've been replaying Fallout 3 and I've noticed a lot of things I missed last time. I was in such a rush to beat the game that I forgot to look into the numerous side quests that are scattered throughout the Capital Wasteland. If you are looking into playing this game, here are my top 5 side quests (DLC's not included) that I would highly recommend!

5. You Gotta Shoot Em' in the Head - This quest can be activated by talking to a ghoul named Mister Crowley in Underworld. If you don't know where Underworld is, it's inside the Museum of History.

4. The Nuka-Cola Challenge - This quest can be activated by talking to a woman named Sierra Petrovita in a small settlement known as Girdershade, which is west of Tenpenny Tower. She'll ask you if you wish to see her Nuka-Cola collection and take the tour. If you say yes, the quest will start.

3. Strictly Business - To activate this quest, you will need to get to Paradise Falls, which is north-west of Big Town. As you approach the entrance, you will be stopped by a man named Grouse. He will tell you only Slaves and Slavers are allowed in. However, you may choose to bribe him with 500 Caps or (if you have evil karma) you may use a special dialogue option to enter. If you do either of those, he should tell you he has a proposition for you if you're interested, and if you ask him about it, the quest starts. If you do not have evil karma or 500 Caps, you will be able to start the quest to be able to get into Paradise Falls.

2. The Replicated Man - To activate this quest, you need to find a holotape about a runaway android from the Commonwealth (sound familiar, Fallout 4 fans?). One of those holotapes can be found almost anywhere there is a doctor. Some places include Megaton, Big town, Tenpenny Tower, Rivet City, etc. Listen to the holotape, and the quest will start.

1. Stealing Independence - To start this quest, go to Rivet City. Then go to the Capitol Preservation Society. Then you'll need to talk to Abraham Washington about the missing Declaration of Independence. He'll send you to go get it, then the quest will start.

What do you guys think? Any quests you liked? Anything you want to add? Just let me know!
Wow I can't believe those are the ones you missed! Every time I play I do The Replicated Man as soon as I can get to Rivet City without dying so I can get A3-21's plasma rifle early. Before Operation Anchorage came out I would do You Gotta Shoot Em in the Head as early as I could to get the T51b armor.

Did you go to the Republic of Dave? It's pretty funny.

I need to reinstall this because I think it's been a couple years since I've played it.
Ah, a fellow Fallout scholar, I see. Yes, those are the ones I missed, and yes I went to the Republic of Dave. I got Rosie to win, too.
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