Fallout 3/Skyrim Inspired Laser Katana


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Just thought i'd share my latest project - a pair of laser katanas inspired by the Fallout 3 mod.

I have access to autocad, so I designed the parts to be laser cut. The "blade" is 5mm thick acrylic tint, with aluminium panels riveted to each to hold everything in place. It's completely blunt (the narrowest "edge" is 5mm wide plastic), for reference, including the tip.

The light source is an LED strip - this had to be cut to size, as it was too wide originally to fit into the slot between the side panels.

The "blades" have a coat of clear etch spray on them to help diffuse the light. The sword is very bright; as it's powered by LED's the battery light should be significant as well.

The paint scheme was kept quite simple - just a coat of humbrol satin black spray, with a few stripes, and safety stripes on the battery box. The other sword has a kraken design along both sides.

The sword's intended to become part of one of my steampunk outfits - but more on that later.

I've only got pictures of one sword for now i'm afraid - but I shall get pictures of the other (red) as soon as I can get a camera.

Hope you like!






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Well, I took longer to source the camera and memory card than i'd hoped, but here's the completed red sword:







The "blade" is 5mm thk acyrlic, with an amber tint. I sprayed red etch on to darken it slightly; it appears more red in reality than you can see there. Overall, i'm quite pleased with it, I must say!
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