Fallout 3 Bobblehead stand.


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So, recently, I got off my rear and decided to finally make a stand for the bobbleheads that have been released from Fallout 3. Here is what I came up with:


Started with a base of the pink insulation foam. I was going to coat it with either plasitdip or resin, however the foam didn't react well to either directly. I ended up covering the foam with the metal duct tape first, than put a coat of resin on it. The stands are pvc pipe size converters.


My intent is to eventually make a base cabinet that matches the game if possible, but that is a project for after convention season.

They best come out with the remaining 6...


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That's awesome man! I had the idea to do this awhile back(because I too have all of the vault boy bobbleheads except strength and perception :/) but I guess I just never did. Great to see it done by someone :)!
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