Fallout 3 - AER9 Laser Rifle - My First Proper Build!


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Hello there!

After spending some time looking at all of the AMAZING things that people get up to here on The RPF, I really wanted to get involved and share with you guys the first replica that I built when I first got into model making - the iconic laser rifle from Fallout 3!

I've tinkered with a few things in the past and have built some smaller items, however this is the first slightly bigger model that I have made from start to finish.

The plans were created by Harrison Krix, which I bought from the shop over at Volpin Props (I wasn't sure how to create plans at this stage, and wanted to make sure I was building from some good material!)

Whilst some of the details have been modified ever so slightly, the majority of the sizes and dimensions are based from the plans. I also used quite a lot of in-game stills to figure out how some of the parts fitted and worked together - I'll take any excuse to play Fallout again!

Here are some hero shots of the final product, along with a fun pic of my mate trying to look like a Raider!

IMG_0034.jpg IMG_0042.jpg IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0054.jpg IMG_0056.jpg

I tried my best to keep a detailed build log of the process as I went along, however often I got carried away in the moment and missed a few steps! I've also got more pictures which highlight some of the details and features on the rifle more clearly, along with some logs of my other projects. These can be found on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WMProps - of course a like would be most appreciated!

I can imagine there have been a few laser rifle posts, so I'm sorry for adding to the pile! Any feedback would be most appreciated, and thanks ever so much for taking the time to check it out!



(This is my first time posting, and I apologies for any errors!)


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Oh man, you did a great job! I've got to try this myself now. What materials did you use? In the build log of Harrison he said he used aluminium as well.


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Thanks! The body is formed from sheets of MDF with layered pieces of HIPS to add details - the more complex curved parts are made from foamed PVC sheeting or Delrin. All of the smaller components are made from aluminium to allow me to capture the detail in a more robust material; I do regret spraying over them and not using their natural colour!


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Great prop I've made a few myself and know how hard it can be ,keep up the good work looking forward to seeing more cheers reef.
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