Falling Skies


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I thought the final season was pretty good, but it did feel like they tried to shove a BUNCH of content into just a few episodes.

A friend that watches it and I were discussing before the finale how we didn't know how they were going to be able to tie everything up in just one final episode.

Overall, I enjoyed the series...but it definitely was a show that I would, from time to time, get three of them backed up on the DVR before finally saying to myself "Well, I need to watch those just because they're taking up space."


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I missed most of the last 2 seasons and watched the finale and didn't think i missed much at all.

I thought the rationale for the invasion was pretty lame, too.


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I enjoyed the show and I tried to win some things in the auction this past weekend. Some pretty cool stuff but out of my limited price range.

The final episode was definitely rushed and I think they should have created a better storyline with Pope. But overall I enjoyed this final season better than the last.


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Wow, what an anti-climactic finale, very rushed which is odd given that they went in to this season knowing it was their last. You'd think with that they would have paced this last season better so that the finale took place over 2 - 3 episodes instead of just one. Sadly, par for course for this show, great starts but weak endings.

What I find sad about this show is that it had a lot of promise but they never seemed to know what they wanted to do with the show and every season seemed to be a different show. It's a pity too because I really liked the premise and of all of the post-apocalyptic scenarios out there this one is the one I like the best and would much rather have this happen than a zombie apocalypse.

Btw, what happened to Ben in the end? I don't think I saw him at all during this last episode and he was MIA during the final scene. Did I miss something somewhere?


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The whole alien Queen claiming they are on Earth to exact revenge for humans killing her daughter 1000 years ago doesn't speak well to their invasion abilities...or their weak motivation in the first place. They couldn't invade a 7-1 let alone Earth.
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