Suggestion Fall/Winter RPF Shirts?

Art Andrews

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Historically, long sleeves don't sell as well as short sleeves, but we are working on a new shirt run and we could certainly look into a long sleeve solution.


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Same shirt or new design?
Id like a rerun of the same design as its become so iconic now.
Id also like a short sleeve button down with a large RPF logo on the back OR an RPF logo on the breast.


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I hope you use the same vendor as before - my RPF shirt is the most comfortable shirt I have! :)

I'm in for a short-sleeve T! (maybe two!)

Art Andrews

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Community Staff
WapPig... honestly, we probably won't. We got a LOT of negative feedback because of the weight of the last shirt run. We purposefully went with a light weight material but many people equated light weight with cheap and it made them feel the shirts were low quality.

Ood sigma

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I DON'T like paying.overseas.postage. guys for a UK link? Or how do you feel making our.own* after all, its all RPF promotion


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Well, I'm a new guy but would love to support the site! Whatever you decide to go with count me in for 1.


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I'd love to see an adjustable (buckle, not plastic pegs) RPF hat.

As for long sleeve? Learn how to style a two-layer longsleeve under shortsleeve look. Don't get a turtleneck, though, those are passe.
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