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Greeting all, there may be a Falcon to many on here but what the hell...thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality.

Metal guns cannons drilled out.... Lightly sanded all the metal parts then soapy wash & dry them...

then primed below, you can get canned primer from £1 shops that works just fine.


Below mix your chosen paints etc for the guns....I mixed enamels till eye right match....






Adding my own details to the main hold cabin...

Making barrels with some pen tops... & bits...

Added pipework etc.. Just wanted to create a functional feel to it by adding pipework etc as l don't imagine I will open the falcon up much to display its interior. It's just my interpretational detailing and not studio set accurate!! I'd have to spend a fortune on certain sites on lazer printer parts that l feel are way over priced if l wanted to do that! But I'm looking into a grid floor at some point if the price is right, but for now the interior I've creating my own bits.



Altered seats & extra details here & there...

Corridors started...


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Thanks, No Necronaut, I've so far just added my own made parts like POUNDLAND gel pens for barrels & old kit bashed parts for the inside. Tho l think Shapeways stuff is amazing in acurate detailing- l find the pricing & p+p ludicrous for the cabin hold parts especially since I'm very rarely going to show it... But what l cannot make myself l may later decide on buying from other companies... Theirs cheaper 3D printed parts on the grape vine l heard!.
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Thank you Hansyt, it's so far been a very enjoyable build.

The Falcon has only minior detail flaws, but one that was a bit to obvious was the cockpit windows but dagostini are to replace the cockpit window later due to the front windows not being correct, so lm happy with them. As you can see the front bottom window is central and needs to be dropped....

Below ...This is how it kinda should look though the frames look a tad frail to me....

Below mine...I will continue its weathering fully on the corrected free issued cockpit... Like above....

Also worth noting that it will come with optional window glass... As most will know the studio Falcon was without for special effect shooting etc..
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Exceptional work! You've inspired me to forego the Shapeways path. Subscribed and looking forward to watching your progress. And thanks for posting the cockpit floor template. That's a really clever and simple solution.

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