faking old porcelain


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hey guys I'm new to prop making and working on a custom mask. i basically want to create like a creepy broken porcelain face mask. I'm going for like an old Victorian doll look. i already got my base mask done. its made of abs plastic and is super cool. but right now its flat black and i need tips on how i can make it look like old chipped porcelain. I've looked all over Google but the only instructions I've found is spray paint it glossy white. which is fine i guess as a base but does anyone now how to get like that aged cracked rusted porcelain look? I'm supper appreciative of any help the awesome creators on this sight can give me. this doesn't seam to be a really popular technique but i figure if anyone knows it. it would be someone on the RPF!


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A good subject to search on this forum would be Sonic Screwdriver. They used a crackle paint to get that exact effect on the handle. A ton of people have done with instructions and paint recommendations. It would be the 9th or 10th Doctor sonic screwdriver.
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