Fake Trek TNG Horga'hn on eBay


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Dont want anyone to get stuck with this one. It is the wrong size from resin shrinkage, its the wrong color, and it is made from heavy resin which none were made from. Steer clear unless you are just looking for the prop and you find it to be a reasonable price. It is fake 100% and at least the seller is being honest about PIH not accepting it.

UPDATE, he listened to reason and relisted it as a reproduction.
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Just went for $405. Damn.

I'd love to have one of these, even if it was a replica, but that's not worth it.


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DSCF0071.jpg How does one tell a fake from the real thing? I made mine several years ago I wonder could mine be a fake?
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I will ask...will anyone who has a replica of a original want to do a trade? I think Roddenberry site had a replica of one...Not sure. Please pm me. I can do a trade for enterprise keyboards or Padds. Thanks :D
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