Fake/prop Mg-42 / 8mm / 7,92x57 Mauser ammo

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Hello everyone!

I hope I figured out the right section for this post, sorry and please relocate if in the wrong section.

I've searched the web and this web-site and yet have had no luck finding an reasonable solution. I need 106 - 120 fake bullets from two Mg42 machineguns, con-safe obviously.

So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to tackle this?

3D print? Pricy? What I gather the bullet tip is a really tall order for a 3D printer
Molding? PRICY, which materials for the mold and the stuff to poor into it? Preparations?
De-activated ammo? PRICY, hard to find and might be considered too real? Despite legal?
Wood? Difficult to make but durable and con-safe for sure. How to replicate flawlessly?

I know and understand they'll not be for free either, but when you time the singular price by 106-120 every s€nt does matter!

I live in Finland, northern Europe, so that is a factor that needs to be taken in consideration with logistics, shipping, taxes etc.
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As someone who collects and shoots military surplus, I can tell you that that many rounds of inert ammo will cost you a fortune, but if you need 100% accuracy, that's the way to go. I have 3D printed many bullets for use in op-testing my firearms; these are commonly referred to as "snap-caps", and have not had any issues printing them using any of the common filaments (PLA, PETG, or ABS). There is currently an open source model of the 8mm cartridge you're looking for on Thingiverse: just search 7.92x57mm Mauser Cartridge. You could print with two colors of filament if you didn't want to paint them later, or just paint them. Wood doesn't seem practical, and I don't have any experience with molding. Hope this helps!
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I have seen wooden ammo (50mm) that were very realistic; thus something that could lead to trouble in Cons. You'll have to find someone who's able to turn that # of ammo and compare prices: wood vs 3-D, wood vs mold, etc...Is there a club, in your neck of the wood, who does WWII re-creation events?

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