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Hey everyone, so my friend is making a short film and needs to make a custom Credit Card for one of the characters (ironically enough the subject of the film is credit card fraud lol) Anyways she knows I'm into prop making and thought I could help her out. Does anyone know a way of printing fake credit cards with custom information (they just need to look real but can have things that obviously make them invalid, like LISA instead of VISA and stuff like that)

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide!


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I forgot to mention that I can make the Images in PS, I just need help printing them on PVC cards with the embossing and a hologram


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If it's just going to be seen as a prop in the film I'd have thought a far easier way is to create the text with a inner bevel, drop shadow and inner shadow. That will looked like its embossed when printed but obviously wouldn't feel like it but only people touching it would know.
I've attached one I did for an Ugly Betty credit card (nice fellow on eBay stole the design too and sells them)
I'll send you the psd file if you like


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The only way to get real embossed cards is to buy a machine like this

Plastic Card Embossing Machines

I'm sure you can find one in America or employ the services of a card printing company like this one


Either way its not going to be cheap,but I don't think theres any other way if you want to make it look professional.

The only cheap way I can think of is to use a dymo and carefully cut the edges of the tape into the card.It may be time consuming but done well a good effect can be made.

Good luck anyway:thumbsup
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We have been doing this in the motion picture industry for years. I am more than willing to help you make what you need to complete your project.

let me know if you have any questions.
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