Fake bolt or screw heads (or rivets)?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TFrosst, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. TFrosst

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    I'm looking for some fake metal heads that resemble bolt or screw heads or metal rivets. I'm putting up a few sheets of metal under my bar and don't want to screw anything through. I also don't want to but a bunch of heads off. Anyone have any idea what I can use to substitute that would look good?
  2. renegadecow

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  3. exoray

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    For something so trivial, low on detail and small like this just cast some from real screws using ghetto casting methods... Total cost a few dollars...

    For the resin, get some two part epoxy, 5 or 10 minute epoxy will work fine, 1 hour epoxy will work as well, just takes longer...

    Get some modeling clay, either WED or oil/wax based for the mold... Heck Play-Doh will work for this project...

    Step one, roll the clay out on the table

    Step two, press real screw heads into it, pull out

    Step three, repeat step two until you have several molds

    Step four, mix some resin on a paper plate with toothpicks and drip (small drips will reduce entrapped air) it into the molds

    Presto dozens of screw heads on the cheap...

    If you want real metal I don't think you will find anything as economical, realistic or practical as cutting down real screws...
  4. BornKilr

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    I used googly eyes for fake rivets and it came out pretty sweet.
  5. TFrosst

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    The clay and resin trick sounds pretty good. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.
  6. knightdriver2001

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    I used thumb tacks once for a project requiring bolt heads.

    Worked pretty good.
  7. kdawg1

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    Use bump outs, they are the small rubber pads used in framing you can buy them in the craft store in the picture frame section. Paint them first then they have adhesive on them already!
  8. Volpin

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    I bought little domes used for scrapbooking at Michael's craft store for a bolt pistol I did a while back. You have to scrape off the adhesive they come with, but otherwise they work great for rivets.

  9. BornKilr

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    Here's a shot of the googly eye rivets
  10. ReproMan

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    for fake bolt heads cant you just get some maybe 13mm nuts, fill in the threaded hole with putty, sand flush, paint and then glue to your metal sheet?
  11. howlingwind13

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    Wow the googly eye thing is great! I use to run the Lab haunted house and we did alot of rivets and bolt heads on wall panels/doors stuff like that...I ended up making a hexagon cookie cutter thing...then cut out 1" pink foam...silicone them to the surface and paint.
    They where rather large maybe 1 1/2" but I like these ideas.
    Nice work fellas.

  12. Finhead

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  13. Tyler Brown

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    The googly eyes trick saved my butt. Thanks. :)
  14. division 6

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    Michael's also sells wood pieces that look like large rivets.

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