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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by pickingrinnin, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I want to put some fake blood in a petri dish. Rather than simply painting it on, I was thinking of using red liquid latex or something like that, so I could make it look thick. Would that stick well to glass or plastic? Is there some other material that might work better?

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    Get some 30 minute epoxy glue and tint it with some 'thick' acrylic paints... I say 30 minute epoxy because it gives you time to screw around with the color before it sets... And I say 'thick' acrylic paints so that you don't use as much and dilute the epoxy too much while achieving the color you want... Since it's not being used as an adhesive or for structure you can really introduce a lot of tint and it will still get at least semi hard to the touch... If the surface is still a little tacky because you over did the amount of tint you can brush on a layer of Future floor polish or other acrylic clear...
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    There are simple kits available at fx retailers that is a resin blood. Its basically a clear resin tinted blood red. If your good with color matching you can duplicate it with anything from clear caulk or any material that sets clear yet will retain the color.

    If its a temporary thing, color some Vaseline, heat up the petri dish and heat up the Vaseline then pour it in and let it set. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results once your color is correct.
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    I've used clear elmers glue tinted with a blood red liquid RIT dye (I believe the color name is Wine). It has a nice translucency and will dry nicely
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    Stain glass paint will work too, you might have to build it up to get the depth of color you want, but it's super cheap and available at most hobby/craft stores and Wal-Mart.
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    Everyone: Thank you very much! I hadn't thought of going that route, but all of those things sound like much better solutions. I appreciate you all taking the time to help out a newbie!
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    Be a man and cut your thumb like they did in the 80's "The Thing". Just kidding - above suggestions should work well - good luck!!

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