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I was wondering if anyone has some tips for first time armour making? I know there's foam and worbla involved.. Any tutorials would be greatly appreciated. I'm attempting to make Erza Scarlet's Flame Empress armour from Fairy Tail and I have until the 8th of March to complete it as that is the day of a cosplay convention. TIPS, HINTS AND TUTORIALS FOR ARMOUR MAKING PLEASE AND THANK YOU. :3
Also any idea as to how to go about making her sword would be incredible. <3

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I've been looking for tutorial about any of her armors, this is what I have found that turns our helpful, or at least it does looks helpful to me, I hope you can use it for your cosplay :)

this one could help you to get ideas about the proportion of your templates and how to get the armor on and off, a zipper, or velcro, or something easy to hide

for your chest piece, this could help you to get a base

very practical advices to get the details right

depending on how good you want to get the details, this guy has some very useful tips

hope it helps :) have a nice day and good luck with your cosplay
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