Faceplate tips? Rebuilding G1 cartoon Megatron


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Question first, backstory to follow;

I'm building a faceplate for a costume, and am curious for tips for this. It will be close to my face so as to have better proportion & allow me to see out decently. Before this I modified a half-mask with red plastic for lenses, but had fogging issues. This time I plan on a full mask with a mouth vent. General thought at this time is to build onto safety glasses, and put on the faceplate before the helmet, without the faceplate & helmet touching each other much. My reasoning is that the nose padding & arms of the glasses will keep the lenses in proper position, and this should make life easier & reduce odds of fogging. Red plastic will be added to lenses of course, plus some trimming of shape, etc.

I'm in process of a complete rebuild of my '84 Transformers cartoon Megatron costume for next month's Calgary Comic Expo. Here is the appearance from 3 years ago: https://imgur.com/a/qjB3H.

This was my 2nd 'hard' costume, and made mostly with double-thickness cardboard. Being 3 years ago many lessons have been learned, and it will be rebuilt mostly with EVA foam. Main reasons for rebuild are:
- Head sits too high with high center of balance that makes it feel unsteady, is too tall & out of proportion, and prevents tilting up
- Right forearm & cannon is 10lbs, and thin 3.5 year-old elastics aren't transferring weight to torso harness (old backpack)
- Paint job on top of cardboard is too heavily damaged to fix and needs proper techniques
- (A later version has a metallic red & silver body suit, which now needs a gusset for bathroom visits without removing most of suit)

Please let me know if you've any faceplate tips/references/hyperlinks to reduce my fool's tax.