Facehugger Dread Rings - painted and gold leafed


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Hello everyone, I finished working on my Facehugger Dread Rings and I have to say that I am pleased with the final outcome on my progress. Here are somee pic's of the start to finish stages of my work on the dread rings...hope you like them as much as I do.
Here's the ring in it's resin stage

The first coat of primer laid down

Then the gold paint

Next I laid down a coat of brown latex paint into the pitted areas for a dirty, tarnish effect

Here it is after it's been wiped down with a damp cloth to expose the gold paint again on the raised area

Next I applied a thin layer of tack on glue to apply the gold leaf, after lightly brushing away the leaf with a soft foam brush this is the result

I really like hoe this looks...now to add them to the dreads when they arrive
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Really really nice touch, ...and attention to detail. Killer!
Thanks to all for the nice comments; just let it be known that I didn't make these but it is my artsy fartsy skills touching them up. Bovine13 is the master mind behind these wonderful works of Predator art!
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