Face Shell for big noses?


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I recently purchased a tjack face shell and it looks great in the costume but my nose is big and it is extremely uncomfortable after a short while. I plan on wearing my costume to charity events and I would need to wear it for an extended period of time without discomfort so what can I do.
I already added padding so thats not the issue.
Is there a face shell for people with bigger noses or should I just make my own?

Here is what my current face shell looks like. If I end up making one that fits me better then this will end up in the classifieds section.

Anybody else with this issue?


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if its plastic you might be able to use a heat gun and slowly heat up the nose area and use "something" to help push it out a tad. or use thicker foam and sand the edges of the mask thinner so it doesn't look so odd. or both I geuss. your pictures look great and it looks like you've got plenty of "wiggle" room to work with. a picture with just the thicker foam would help. it might just be your own perception of how it looks. ;)


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I had the same problem.

Last week I picked up an OracleUK faceshell, which is slightly bigger than TJacks.

Put a vertical strip of foam just above the nose and was fine for hours on Saturday


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Yeah I agree with funboy, try to heat the nose area and mold it a bit to fit...if it's plastic that will succumb to heat. Alternatively, you can possibly cut the nose out and fabricate a larger size, bond the mask with the new nose piece, and post process the seams and edges away.


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Thanks for the input guys! I have considered the heat and stretch but I'll leave that as a last resort. I'm gonna see if I can make something out of pepakura first to get an idea of the shape I'll need and the room I'll need. I'll keep this thread updated with the progress. I know I'm not the only one with this problem so hopefully I can find a solution that works for others too.


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I decided to try and make my own from pepakura that fits a little better for my face.
Here is what I got so far:

First I made a shell like the one I used for the deadpool build

This has a good shape, but again... its not for my face. When I align it with my nose my chin does not line up with this chin at all

So what I did was create another chin piece

I cut the nose off

now to extend and angle it in a bit

I also cut the chin off the shell so I can see how much I need to extend

This is the mock up

It looked decent so I glued it together

Here is a test fit

You can see that this fits my face much better, also the top sticks out a bit so I angled that in a bit

I dont know if I will leave the top for the final product... I'm scared that it will make the top look strange since the spiderman mask is so tight. I might cut the top off and have it similar to the tjack shell.

Let me know what you guys think.

Judge Spartan

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Looks really good, glad you figured it all out.. The only thing I see is you have the tip of the nose then slightly down from that it looks like another tip but if you try and change it wait till its fiberglassed. Much easier to fix in fiberglass:thumbsup
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