Face Off Castor Troy holsters


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I am working on the pattern for the Castor Troy "New York Reload" holsters (gold guns).

The 1911's that I have look a bit longer than the guns in the film. I have a pair of airsoft 1911's and they look to be an inch or so longer in the barrel.

I was wondering if any of you gun guys know where to get the retention spring that holds the gun in place. I've googled, but I have no idea what the spring is actually called. I suppose I can fake it with wire coat hanger, but I don't know if that will do it's job and hold the gun securely.

This is all of the pattern layers together. The holes at the bottom of the holster are where the wire retention spring thingy goes between the layers of leather. I need to edit the top of the pattern because it doesn't look quite right, but I think I'm getting there.


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Only thing I can think of is some type of spring steel catch that would gently slide onto the front trigger guard. It would provide a friction fit until pulled on.

I have 1911s (real steel) of various sizes if you are looking for some real world measurements. (best of my ability's :lol ) Although I don't have any of the length in the movie.