Face hugger beads painted and weathered


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Ok guys here is just small little touch up i did on my face hugger beads for my dreads

Painted them both years ago but never got around to weathering them so here they are

the silver one is painted chome silver than weathered with earth brown, and flat black

the red bead is painted with a chome silver than a maroon red (im looking for the bottle of paint but cant find when i do ill update the color) and than its also weathered with a earth brown and than a flat black




Let me know what you guys think

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thanks bro and no i didnt sculpt them just painted them i think i actually got them fron Nukkinfutts
but this was years back. Not sure if he even makes them any more it was a really short run like maybe 20 made when i originally bought my two whats cool is one is larger than the other so they can be put together on one dread or on two dreads with other dread beads mixed in
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